Risk Management Plan for Volunteer Screening and Prevention of Abuse

Date Issued and Revised: November 2017

The Ryde Co-op has a zero-tolerance policy for abuse and neglect of members, staff and participants.

Ryde Co-op is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment free from violence, threats of violence, discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and any other misconduct. Similarly, weapons are strictly prohibited from the offices of Ryde Co-op; violators will be subject to disciplinary action, and the incident will be reported to the police.

Volunteers will be screened and approved by the Board based on their previous history and known character.

All members, staff and participants of the Ryde Co-op have a legal duty to report any incident of abuse or neglect.

Volunteers will be made aware of this policy in training sessions.

Wherever possible volunteers will have a vulnerable sector screening completed.

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