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Support For Solar Power Projects

Proposal To Ryde Community Co-op Inc.

Jonny Godfrey presented a proposal to the Ryde Co-op in which he seeks membership support for new solar projects he is planning to submit for government contracts. If contracts are offered by the government for these projects, and if and when the projects are built and connected, the Ryde Community Co-op would receive$5000/year for 20 years for every 500kw of projects that are completed. This represents a potential income of $67,500/yr. to the Ryde Co-Op for 20 years. You can download the information package by clicking here. Printed packages are also available from Summerland General Store and completed packages may be returned there by October 1.

What is required from Co-Op Members to make this opportunity a reality:
We need at least 50 co-op members, who have owned land in Muskoka for more than two years to fill out
an information sheet and sign 20 forms per person.

Specifically we will require:

  1. One copy of Member/Property Information sheet detailing the land that you own in Muskoka.
  2. 20 copies of the IESO “Consent of Co-Op Member” form signed from each property owner (20
    signatures per person on 20 separate pages) This means you will need to print 20 copies of page 3 in the package.


  • If a Husband/Wife both own their land together, both are able to sign separate forms – ie. 40 forms
    per couple.
  • If multiple properties have been owned for more than two years – choose one
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